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Recent studies prove that hormone replacement therapy is indicated not only for women but also for men who begin to lose testosterone with age. The recommendation is relevant for those who are not averse to delaying the arrival of ripe old age. The main causes of ageing have long been known to scientists. These are genetic mechanisms, an endocrine factor, and cell division. Recent studies by British scientists have proven that only maintaining a healthy lifestyle and timely correction of "outdated" body mechanisms can significantly affect the readings of biological parameters.

The most serious problems with ageing are related to the endocrine system. With age, the production of various hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters fades away. The balance of these substances is destroyed. As a result, in this case, various disorders in the work of internal organs, the development of oncological diseases usually appear. Regulation of hormonal levels is paramount in the fight against premature ageing. Moreover, both in women and in men.

In women, that process is called menopaue. While in men, there is the term hypogonadsim used.

In men, testosterone levels decline gradually as they age. The hormone is produced until old age, however, everything is in smaller and smaller quantities. In hypogonadism in men, the reason for taking immediate action is the same careful research as in women in menopause. A decrease in testosterone in men accelerates the development of a number of diseases, including hypertension or diabetes. In addition to age, hard work, stress and generally hard life in a metropolis affect the decrease in the sex hormone.

What Symptoms Show that It's Time for Panic

Symptoms such as increased fatigue, irascibility, depression, as well as a decrease in muscle mass, an increase in body fat, a decrease in skin turgor, a rise in pressure over 140 mm, and difficulty urinating should serve as a cause for concern. Of course, the main cause of anxiety is a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction.

When testosterone production begins to decline in the body, its production drops by more than 1% per year. In parallel, there is a decrease in the amount of estradiol, an increase in the level of proteins that bind hormones, so every year the problems are aggravated. At the same time, hypogonadism is the cause of 50% of bone fractures in men after 40 years, and every tenth person with hypogonadism suffers from severe depression and tries to commit suicide.

How to Help with Ageing?

It is HRT that is considered to be the most efficient way on how to prolong youth. It is used in a form of injections accepted in a consistent program. In our clinic, you can get prescriptions from authorized medical advisors for the HRT program. With it, you can easily get prolonged and visible effect i.e. increasing stamina and libido, decreasing weight and making muscles tough and strong, In a long-lasting perspective, HRT may prolongate your sexual life. So do not give up if you noticed your body is ageing. Just bring it a dose of necessary hormones to make it stronger and healthier.