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Enhance Brain Functions

Hormones are one of the most important substances in human life. Despite the fact that there are more than 50 known of them, two of them remain the most important for well-being and high quality of life. They are testosterone and human growth hormone.

Over time, the level of these two hormones in the human body gradually decreases. And this has many negative consequences for the body and mind. So, scientists have proven that a lack of human growth hormone and testosterone equally badly affects the human reproductive system, its weight, muscle condition and bone density. But that's not all. Lack of testosterone and HGH lead to negative phenomena in the psyche and brain activity.

How Does Testosterone and HGH Levels Affect the Mind?

First of all, A research team from the Norwegian University of Life and Technical Sciences has shown that blood testosterone levels affect women's ability to navigate in space. After taking testosterone under the tongue, they are better at performing basic, “low-level” spatial imagination tasks.

It has long been known that men are, on average, better at performing tasks such as mental rotation of an object and spatial navigation better than women. However, the exact biological mechanism behind this sex difference is still unknown. Yet, there are a few pieces of research that prove the mutual correlation between testosterone level and cognitive functions.

That's why in older age, when the body losses testosterone and HGH, it is quite common to overview decreasing of cognitive functions.

One more reason how hormones affect our mind and psyche is life satisfaction level. When HGH and testosterone are produced in a low number, a person can start feeling depression symptoms. It also decreases life quality and it runs to suicidal thoughts sometimes.

How to Get Rid of Cognition Disorders

You should start by looking for the cause of your bad moods, depressive episodes, and low life satisfaction. And the first thing to do in this case is to take a hormone level test. If, in addition, your unwellness is accompanied by such alarming symptoms as weight gain, loss of muscle mass, baldness, decreased sex drive, hormone level analysis will be a must! You can make it in our clinic's lab. We provide the most accurate and up-to-date blood tests to get the full picture of your hormonal background to check out whether it is a kind of testosterone disbalance.

What to do if the analysis revealed a lack of testosterone and HGH? You definitely should not despair. Modern medicine can do wonders, including supplying you with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Our clinic has developed individual substitution therapy programs for men and women. We will give you the opportunity to return to active life, increase energy and passion for life. We do not say that the effect will be seen in a minute. HRT provides you with a step-by-step health Improvement when it is used thoughtfully and consistently. Just try it to make your brain functions enhanced and your life brighter.