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HGH Therapy for Men

Human growth hormone or HGH is an essential need our body feels in every stage of life for well-being. The most efficient way to supply the body that suffers from the lack of HGH is a subcutaneous injection performed regularly while treating HGH therapy.

What HGH Does to Our Body?

As its name shows, HGH is the hormone that regulates the growth of all body parts. Until adolescence, its primary function is stimulating bone and muscle growth. Yet, for adults, it plays no less important role.

  • • It helps to gain muscle weight;
  • • it normalizes the state of mood;
  • • it allows improving cognitive functions;
  • • it affects libido and stimulates sexual activity;
  • • it regulates fat amount;
  • • it normalizes sugar level due to affecting the action of insulin;
  • • it promotes proteins' synthesis.

In normal condition, the HGH is produced by our body when we sleep at night. The younger you are, the more hormones your body produces. One more key factor is that females produce a higher level of HGH compared to males. After the age of 50, the level of HGH produced becomes merely equal and it is lower than earlier. At that age, HGH deficiency is often diagnosed.

How Does Our Body Produce HGH

Human growth hormone belongs to a special family of peptide hormones, which, in addition to HGH, includes prolactin and human placental somatomammotropin produced by somatotropic cells of the anterior pituitary gland. Its secretion is stimulated by growth hormone releasing hormone and inhibited by somatostatin, which is secreted by the hypothalamus. The production of growth hormone is episodic with the greatest amplitude at night. The maximum secretion of growth hormone occurs during puberty and then gradually decreases in both women and men.

What Are Causes that Run Women's HGH Deficiency

Normally, the level of HGH decreases after menopause. Researches by FDA showed that almost 80% of females over 65 have a lack of HGH diagnosed. Ageing is not the only reason your HGH level may decrease. There are other features that impact that state.

  • • Sleep disorders as HGH is produced at night while sleeping.
  • • BMI (Body Mass Index). For women, having abnormal BMI, hormone level is lower.
  • • Professional sports practice can also impact HGH deficiency if the trauma of the head was in anamnesis.
  • • Over 90% of adults with Human Growth Hormone deficiency have clear signs of pituitary disease, which are mainly due to the presence of a pituitary adenoma and the consequences of surgical or radiation treatment.
  • There are also some other diseases that impact HGH level. And it is genetics that also plays its role. Yet, if you have some symptoms that are key for HGH deficiency, it is time to take care of your health condition.

    What Is the Normal Level of HGH for Women?

    Due to multiple pieces of research, the normal HGH level for adults of the female sex is 44-616 pmol/L on average.

    What Are the Symptoms of HGH Deficiency

    Let's check out the list of symptoms which are characteristic of HGH deficiency.

    • 1. The growth of abdominal fat.
    • 2. Growing body weight.
    • 3. Depression symptoms.
    • 4. Lower muscle mass.
    • 5. Lower stamina.
    • 6. Decreased bone density.
    • 7. Increased 'bad' cholesterol.
    • 8. Neuromuscular dysfunction.
    • When comparing patients with growth hormone deficiency and healthy individuals of the same sex and age, the former show an excess of adipose tissue, a lack of muscle mass and strength, a smaller heart and cardiac output, a decrease in bone density and an increase in plasma lipid concentration. They also have reduced vitality and physical activity, emotional lability, a sense of social isolation and sexual dysfunction are observed.

      If you have noticed several of these symptoms, please, do not doubt to visit our clinic to pass the Hormone Level Test. We'll collect data to provide you with the accurate HGH replacement therapy program.

      How HGH Deficiency Is Diagnosed

      In our clinic, we provide complex research including physical examination by our medical advisors, thorough research of your medical history and a Hormone Level Test that shows the amount of IGF-I and HGH produced. Human Growth Hormone deficiency is most often diagnosed primarily on the basis of insufficient hormone secretion in response to stimulation. According to the recommendations of the Growth Hormone Research Society, the diagnosis can be made if the plasma growth hormone concentration during the induction of hypoglycemia is less than 3 μg/L.

      Is There an Effective Therapy?

      We can help you to normalize your HGH level with the help of an efficient kind of replacement therapy. This treatment includes HGH injections administered subcutaneously. The injection is used regularly before sleep to stimulate HGH production in a natural way. In accordance with FDA recommendations, the starting dose of growth hormone for adults is 3-4 mcg/kg once a day subcutaneously. The maximum daily dose can reach 25 mg/kg for patients under 35 years of age and 12.5 mg / kg for elderly patients.

      Other kinds of HGH replacement therapy i.e. gel caps or pills can only replenish its level for a short time.

      We have customed HGH therapy programs for women to provide you with the level of hormones your body needs. The program is chosen according to several parameters researched by our physicians.

      What Is the Result of HGH Therapy

      After you start your HGH replacement therapy, the result may be seen shortly. It starts with metabolism changes as it becomes active. Then, you'll notice a flow of energy and strength increased. After that, you'll get your weight to a normal indicator, feel the muscle growth and harmonious mood. Be aware of HGH therapy is not approved for athletes to increase muscle mass.

      The HGH therapy should be taken thoroughly according to the doctor's prescription. Only a consistent treatment will lead to the long-lasting effect that will improve your life quality and make you feel better than ever. There are no strong side effects if the dosage of hormones is correctly chosen.

      Just contact us to get even more detailed information about HGH therapy for women and its indications.