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Hormone Level Analysis

Hormones are the basis of human life. The body contains more than 50 of them, and the balance of hormones not only determines good health but also indicates the absence of a number of diseases.

The action of hormones is carefully studied by medicine, and it is already known for certain that 4 main hormones are responsible for most of the processes. These are testosterone, growth hormone (aka human growth hormone), estrogen and progesterone.

It is their lack or imbalance that leads to the fact that the functions of the body are disrupted. In our clinic, we have focused on testing and matching HGH and testosterone therapy programs. And the first step towards restoring the hormonal background is a thorough diagnosis of the level of hormones, or as it is often called by patients and doctors — the hormone level analysis.

What Methods Are Implemented to Test for Hormones?

Our medical specialists receive data for analysis based on blood samples from patients. This allows us to identify hormone deficiencies or imbalances, highlight the extent of the disorder, and provide appropriate treatment to restore healthy hormone levels.

Why is the analysis before the appointment of HGH therapy so important? The fact is that finding the right dosage of hormonal drugs is incredibly important. And it is the analysis that makes it possible to determine at what level the production of growth hormone or testosterone in the patient's body is here and now, so as not to exceed the dose of hormone replacement drugs and, at the same time, not to prescribe an insufficient dosage that will not have a pronounced effect.

Can HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy Be Obtained Without Testing?

In our clinic, we responsibly approach the prescription of the human growth hormone, therefore, for our patients, a preliminary analysis is required. Therefore, we will be happy to study your medical history in detail, get a blood test for research and tell you in detail how exactly in your case the lack of human growth hormone and testosterone affects your life, and how you can improve the quality of life with the help of our therapy.

Where Can I Pass the Test for Hormones?

It is in our clinic, where you will be provided with the most accurate and fast hormone testing. Please, apply for an appointment in our clinic to donate your blood for analysis. Be sure, our medicians will be delicate and careful, as the procedure will be almost painless for you. The analysis is taken in a matter of minutes and the result will be researched in a few business days to provide you with information about your HGH and testosterone level. This will help us to prescribe you an efficient yet safe dosage of hormones in our HGH therapy program.