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Increase Muscle Mass

Beautiful, strong muscles are not only the dream of bodybuilders or athletes but also an urgent need for every person. They are the framework that keeps the entire body in balance. When the muscle tone is reduced, the load on the spine increases, and over time this leads to depressing consequences:

• General weakness of the body that means you cannot even walk or perform simple workouts, • The inability to withstand even the minimum load, • Back and joint pain as the load is put on them, not on muscles.

All this awaits you with a decrease in muscle mass. And, unfortunately, time is relentless. With age, a decrease in muscle mass occurs in many people. Already after 30 years, muscle tone must be much more actively supported by sports training. And after 50, even many athletes are faced with reduced muscle mass.

What Is the Reason?

Very often, a decrease in muscle mass is a sign of Low T or decreased testosterone. It is this hormone that, with sufficient production, causes muscle growth and maintains the body's stamina. And on the contrary, its lack often leads to the fact that the muscles sag, become weak, and instead of them, the percentage of adipose tissue in the body is actively growing.

What Is the Connection Between Testosterone and Muscle?

In the process of muscle growth, two main hormones are involved at once - Testosterone and HGH. Testosterone affects human growth hormone. And that, in turn, stimulates the production of protein and its consumption by cells simultaneously with amino acids.

Muscle tissue under the influence of testosterone, which attacks DNA, acquires new neurotransmitters, and HGH helps to convert fats into energy for muscle tissue growth.

As a result of the balance of testosterone and human growth hormone, the body maintains a low percentage of subcutaneous fat, its metabolism allows it to efficiently convert calories into energy for building muscle cells.

How to Get Lost Testosterone Back?

Everything is very simple. It is enough to know how much testosterone and human growth hormone your body is producing now. And with a lack of production of these hormones, start taking hormone replacement therapy. This method is actively used for older people, whose hormonal background changes under the influence of ageing. It is also suitable for younger patients who have a testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone therapy is done by injection. With regular administration of the drug, the body begins to restore the lost level of hormones, active growth of muscle cells begins, the body becomes strong, with pronounced muscle relief. In parallel with this, hormone therapy allows you to reduce weight, which also plays into the hands of increasing muscle strength and endurance.

To find out which HRT program will help you regain lean muscle mass, sign up for a consultation with our medical advisors. We will collect all the necessary data, conduct a hormone level test and select an individual treatment program for you.

Note that testosterone hormone replacement therapy is not used for muscle gain in healthy athletes. It is indicated only when the level of hormone production decreases.