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Improving Libido by Hormone Replacement Therapy

Having sex is one of the most essential human pleasures that nature gave us. Haven't you faced at least once the situation when your libido and sex drive are not so high you've expected? Some may say, the reason is stress or just getting tired. Another can blame an unhealthy lifestyle. Yet, there is one reason that should be considered first of all. That is, hormones!

Hormones rule our life. They are objectively responsible for our cognition and mood, immunity level and sexual behavior. Among more than 50 discovered human hormones, there are two that are of the highest importance, when it comes to sexual desire and activity. They are Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

When their level of production decreases, the body reacts momentarily by lowering libido, sexual dysfunctions appearing and total life dissatisfaction. By the way, according to up-to-date researches, merely 80% of women after 65 is facing HGH deficiency. Among males, the statistics are no less depressing.

What Role Does Testosterone Play in Sexual Life?

When it comes to hormonal imbalance in men, testosterone is the first thing everyone remembers. And this is correct, because it is the foundation of all endocrine health. However, many mistakenly believe that it is necessary only to maintain potency and its lack can affect health only in old age. Meanwhile, testosterone levels gradually and often imperceptibly decline over the course of many years already after 30, worsening the quality of life and creating the prerequisites for many diseases, and after 50 it rapidly drops to a level called andropause.

Testosterone is a fundamental element of hormonal balance that is required in sufficient quantities throughout life. It maintains the youthfulness of neurological structures, ensures an adequate metabolism and a strong physique, and, while maintaining optimal performance, guarantees not only the prevention of depression and decreased libido, but also a decrease in the risks of cardiovascular and other pathologies. Therefore, in order to maintain men's health, it is extremely important to maintain testosterone at the level characteristic of a young body.

What About Women?

Hormones play an important role in the formation of sexuality and libido: estrogen and testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for libido, but its excess affects hormonal function, metabolic changes in the body. often causing cosmetic problems. Sexual attraction and sexuality are individual in nature, depend on many factors: hormonal, age, physiological, social, and also on heredity.

In most cases, the peak of sexual desire in women falls on ovulation, it is during this period that both estrogens and testosterone are maximized.

What Is the Role of HGH in Libido Level?

Besides Testosterone, it is HGH that regulates sexual behavior. It is produced by our body late at night. Its lack can cause erection low-quality, hypogonadism, lower muscle mass, lower stamina and energy. In women, it is also connected with vagina dryness, amenorrhea and infertility.

Besides, HGH and Testosterone are highly interconnected as the lack of HGH is usually accompanied by Testosterone deficiency.

Why Hormone Deficiency Could Happen?

When it comes to HGH and Testosterone, the main reason for their decreasing is age. When we are growing, since teenage, both of these hormones are produced in big amounts. But after we've passed the peak of reproductive activity (that is, after 30), the level of hormones decreases. In women, its deficit becomes valuable after menopause. In men, in their 50s.

Sometimes, there are other reasons for hormone deficiency i.e. pituitary adenoma.

How to Treat Sexual Dysfunctions Caused by Hormone Disbalance?

The most efficient way on how to turn back time and make your libido as strong as in teens, is to administer HGH and Testosterone injections. Only doctors can prescribe you the right dosage to get multiple affects on your body that includes:

  • • Improving libido;
  • • Fighting depression issues;
  • • Improving lubrication:
  • • Increasing life energy:
  • • Increasing fertility.
  • To get the HRT for your high life quality, please. Contact us. We'll provide you with the full-fledged testing and our medical advisors may choose the proper therapy program to create the balance of hormones lost by you.