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In some cases, the lack of testosterone hormone can cause multiple problems for both men and women. Testosterone is the main sex hormone that determines the functioning of the male body. Along with androgenic effects, it is able to exert a powerful anabolic effect on various human tissues (muscles, kidneys, liver, uterus), i.e. increase protein synthesis in them. That is why its balance is also important for women.

There are lots of symptoms that could indicate testosterone deficiency.

  • • Vegeto-vascular includes hot flashes, increased sweating, heartbeat, cardialgia.
  • • Endocrine disorders are obesity, breast enlargement, reduction of facial hair.
  • • Musculoskeletal: decrease in muscle mass, muscle mass gain inadequate to physical activity, bone pain.
  • • Psychoemotional i.e. fast fatiguability, mood lability with a tendency to depression, memory impairment, decrease in creative productivity, sleep disorder.
  • • Trophic disorders like dry skin, the appearance of wrinkles.
  • • Genitourinary ones: frequent urination, accelerated ejaculation, erectile dysfunction.

All these symptoms after thorough testing on hormone level could be minimized with the help of testosterone therapy.

This type of treatment also known as Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT is provided by three methods.

  • • Testosterone patch that could be placed on the skin providing a constant flow of the hormone into the bloodstream through the skin.
  • • Testosterone injections repeated daily to normalize hormone level.
  • • Caps or pellets that placed under the skin to supply the body with the hormone for a certain time.

The third method is considered to be the most comfortable one. A patient does not need to inject hormones daily and he won't forget about daily dose injection. Pellets provide a patient with a daily dose without any trouble. The only thing you may need is to apply for another cape injection when the time comes not to expire your TRT.

Who Are Patients Whom TRT Is Recommended?

First of all, Testosterone therapy is an adult-only treatment. As usual, patients who require TRT, are males of 45+ who have a lack of testosterone diagnosed. The peak of testosterone production is between the late teens and thirties. For men, this period is claimed as the most fertile and productive. High strength, high stamina, high libido – all these are particular for the peak of testosterone production. Unfortunately, in the late 30s, the level of hormone starts to decrease.

Sometimes, hormonal disbalance may occur even in teen age, thus, TRT may be required when the patient comes to adolescense.

There is also a therapy for women as for a woman, not only estrogens are important but also testosterone. Of course, women have less of it than men, but libido, insulin levels, general tone and activity depend on testosterone. A decrease in testosterone leads to a decrease in muscle mass: the buttocks are flattened, the cheeks and skin of the inner surface of the shoulders and back sag, nighttime urination appears, weight increases, snoring and sleep disturbances appear. In the postmenopausal period, when estrogens and gestagens disappear, it is testosterone that will maintain the cardiovascular system for some time. Those who have initially high levels of this hormone will more easily endure climacteric syndrome since testosterone is responsible for women's activity and resistance to emotional stress. It also protects from age-related fragility of bones: the density of the periosteum depends on testosterone.

That's why there are also women who need TRT to highen their life quality.

So, summarizing it, TRT patients are the following categoria:

  • • Men of 45+ age whose hormone level decreased due to ageing.
  • • Men of younger age who suffers from hormone disbalance.
  • • Women who have initially low hormone level.

Be aware that TRT is prescribed for those who suffer testosterone deficiency symptoms, not for bodybuilders or athletes who want to gain more muscle weight.

Is It Safe to Inject Testosterone?

It is quite a safe method of your well-being improvement if prescribed by your medical advisor or physician. Taking hormonal replacement therapy on your own without a medical prescription is highly prohibited. Only after a thorough diagnostics the decision to apply it is made.

So, please, contact our medical advisors to get your prescription for TRT and previous hormone level testing.

It is also important to choose the right dosage of the hormone to avoid some side effects i.e. high blood pressure or increased heart beating.

How to Start Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

The first step you should make is to apply for a consultation with our doctors. We investigate your anamnesis, make overall body diagnostics and hormone tests. After we get the results, our staff will make decisions if you need TRT and how long should you take it. Doctors choose the dosage and the way of intake.

What Is the Effect of the Therapy?

After the treatment began, you should notice several effects at once.

  • • Energy boost.
  • • Activity increasing.
  • • Stamina rises.
  • • Libido is stronger.
  • • Muscles come tighter.
  • • Weight is lower.
  • • Your mood comes harmoniously.

It is not all you can get from TRT. You feel just like you've got your teen body back.