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Importance of Marijuana Bongs

DSC00047Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa can be used according to a users preference. It can be smoked by rolling paper, infused on beer or other beverages, or even added on cookies and cakes. However you want to use it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy your “weed”.

The versatility of consuming marijuana is what makes it a good recreational medicine. Now that it has been legalized in many states, a lot of people are possibly thinking of a better way to enjoy their pot. While the most common way of using it is by smoking a joint, you’ll find consuming marijuana using a bong as a better way of getting high.

Introducing the Marijuana Bong

Also known as a water pipe, a bong is a device that allows you to smoke weed through a simple filtration process. Smoke passes through the water in the bong’s container which removes the harmful substances. Unlike with smoking a joint, you can prevent potential cancer-causing agents from irritating your airways which can cause several health problems, specifically respiratory issues. Bongs come in various shapes, sizes, and appearances.

What Makes Them Great?

Aside from preventing respiratory problems, bongs can make your pot session experience a lot better. You can purchase fancy looking bongs that can make you look cool. In addition, there are designs that can provide you with the experience you’re looking for from a marijuana bong.

Where to Get One?

Now that you’ve decided to purchase your own bong, the question of “where to get one” always comes up. You can get your bong from various places. There are local stores that sells bongs if marijuana has been legalized in your state.

In case you can’t find one in your area, going online will help you find your bong. Online stores offer various designs that you can choose from. While quality bongs can be expensive, you can always pick the less costly ones.

Bongs were designed to make your pot session a much better experience whether you are a newbie or an experienced user.

Marijuana Beer: New Favorite in Town

marijuana-beerThe cultivation and use of marijuana is a growing industry these days. Gone are the days when people regard them for their negative effects. Thanks to its legalization in many states in America and in some countries, marijuana is now open for business.

Although it is a booming business, you still need to be one step ahead of the others to be in the competition. In short, you must be creative in order to stay in the business race. Marijuana beer is a nice addition to the growing business. Both beer and weed are two of the most popular things in the world. Now, imagine putting them together to create a new, addictive product.

Although it may seem like a fresh idea, a lot of marijuana lovers have already tried it on their home-brewed beer. In fact, the relation between hops and cannabis has always been a concern among the brewers. Getting high on weed while intoxicated with hops can only be proven if tried.

Check out the new weed beer concoctions made by our marijuana lovers.

Brain Death

Although they remained unnamed until this day, Brain Death creators developed a new alcoholic beverage infused with marijuana. In 1980, home brewers and beer judges made a concoction of potent barley wine mixed with dried marijuana flowers.

According to the consumers, the brewers really know what they are doing. Survey on customers say that it was a pretty dry barley wine with good residual sugars. In short, it provides a good kick without compromising the taste. A lot of home brewers tried to copy the concoction but failed to do so.

Despite its success and popularity in the 80s, Brain Death was gone before it made good business. Basically, its disappearance can be traced back to the penalty people can get when caught with pot back in those days.

Cannabis Enriched Honey Beer

A lot of windows and doors for business opportunities were opened since the legalization of marijuana in many different states. Just this November 2014, a dispensary in Washington was caught allegedly selling  “Cannabis Enriched Honey Beer“. It wasn’t actually an issue if they kept the new brew from being sold to minors.

If done right, the new brew of alcoholic beverage has a potential in making good business. Expect a new concoction of marijuana infused beer to arrive on the market sooner.

Marijuana Business – Big Pot?


marijuana-health-benefitsWhen we think of marijuana or cannabis, some of us may think that it is illegal and though it is in some states, it is almost impossible to make it a business. Well, let us pause for a moment and think as one. Let us think of it’s business potential.

We have been researching for the past week about an unusual business post that we can share with the world. We headed to our board room to talk about a topic and brainstorm to come up with a good post. So, here it is.

Last week, we had a chance of talking to James, the Author of He explained to us that this blog is run by people who believe that marijuana growing should be introduced to the world. He also added that “Though spreading word about the culture and growing of this plant may seem negative, we believe that teaching the society to love this plant will open the eyes of the world of the positive values of marijuana.”

James seems to be a very intelligent man and he had also the vision of marketing medical marijuana in the future. He is an advocate of planting and growing marijuana. Though it may seem to be very expensive when it comes to growing the plant (aside from the very strict compliance to the governing laws), James managed to have technique of his own when it comes to growing marijuana. He never backed down on pursuing his visions.

If you are thinking that James is all after the money, then you are wrong. First off, he was diagnosed with a serious illness which he didn’t share with us. He told us that he was so hopeless and helpless at that time. Then he found a way not just to survive but to have a better life. And this is all because of marijuana.

He further added that he started his very own marijuana garden. He had set it up right in his backyard. He is growing marijuana in his backyard now for over seven years!

By improving his health condition, he made a decision to spread the good news through his blog. He also have a few people who help him manage the blog. They are also marijuana enthusiast with the passion of spreading out the word on the positive values of marijuana.

Today, medical marijuana is available and is approved by the government. James was never wrong after all when he said his health condition was improved through marijuana.

There are also big agriculture companies who were growing marijuana these days. We have a prediction that in the future, it will be a big big hit in the business industry. Watch the video below to see it for yourself.